Anti-wrinkle injections myths

anti-wrinkle injection myths

When it comes to treatments with anti-wrinkle injections, there are a lot of myths and misinformation out there, regarding what they can be used for and how safe they are. Today, we are helping you bust some of the anti-wrinkle injection myths you may have heard so you can have the most truthful information about everything anti-wrinkle treatments.

Anti-wrinkle injection Myth #1: I won’t be able to move my face

One of the most common anti-wrinkle injection myths is that your face will be frozen or you won’t be able to move your face after treatment. During treatment, muscle relaxant is injected into the facial muscles. This stops that specific muscle from contracting as severely. This lessens the formation of wrinkles on the face. Anti-wrinkle treatments do not freeze the entire face nor do they completely freeze the treated area or zone, unless this is the desired result. The treatments are localised to the “zone” we are treating such as forehead wrinkles. This means that even after treatment, you will be able to move your face and express yourself!

Anti-wrinkle injection Myth #2: Anti-wrinkle treatments are only used to treat wrinkles

Although their name can be misleading, anti-wrinkle injections or muscle relaxants can be used to treat a number of areas other than fine lines. Facial slimming is the visible reduction of the masseter muscle in the back of the jaw. This treatment relaxes this muscle. This prevents harsh contraction and slimming the face. We can also lift the brow line using muscle relaxants and treat gummy smile, by injecting above the brow or lip respectively. Finally, muscle relaxants are commonly used to reduce the effects of hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

Anti-wrinkle injection Myth #3: Anti-wrinkle injections hurt a lot

Injectable beauty treatments are often said to be painful. However, that is not typically the case. The needles used for cosmetic treatments are quite small and typically feel like a small pinch on the skin. Some patients experience minor discomfort. To help, we offer a numbing cream for those who are worried. However, this is extremely rarely necessary for anti-wrinkle treatments.

Anti-wrinkle injection Myth #4: Anti-wrinkle treatments are for women only

The idea that any cosmetic injection is exclusively for women is completely false. Whether its lip filler or forehead wrinkles, all injections are suitable for men as well! Anti-wrinkle injections are extremely popular with male patients as men tend to have extremely strong facial muscles, which means facial lines and wrinkles can be more severe.

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