Get your glow on with skinbooster treatment

skinbooster treatment

Our skin has a lot to deal with in our day-to-day lives and this can leave it looking dull and lifeless. If you are looking for a treatment that can give your skin a major boost, then skinbooster may be the treatment for you. Rather than introducing volume and hydration to specific areas like the lips or cheeks, skinbooster treatment targets the entire face, leaving you glowing and gorgeous. Today, we are taking you through how skinbooster treatment works and how it benefits you!

How does it work?

During a skinbooster treatment, one of our doctors will take a number of micro injections and inject small amounts of soft hyaluronic acid dermal filler across multiple areas of the face. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that is organically found in our skin. This molecule is what keeps the skin plump and hydrated as it draws moisture towards it. When we inject hyaluronic acid directly into the skin, we give it a huge boost of moisture and volume.

When injected, hyaluronic acid will absorb water up to 200 times its own weight. As a result, this water deeply moisturises and hydrates the skin from the inside, giving it a more youthful, bright look. Skinbooster treatment can also help to improve collagen and elastin production, helping to improve your skin’s strength.


Skinbooster treatment has a number of incredible benefits. Beyond intense skin hydration and collagen production, the treatment is also proven to aid skin smoothness and structure. By improving skin elasticity, the treatment can help reduce minor fine lines and wrinkles. Another benefit is it can help reduce skin irregularities such as acne scarring.

Where can it be injected?

Skinbooster treatment can be used on areas that are extremely prone to ageing. Most popular is the lower face and neck. Additionally, the treatment can be used on the décolletage and hands, improving signs of ageing in these areas.

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