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Filler treatments for every age

Beauty treatments can be valuable to people of all different ages. While all filler treatments can be beneficial to us at all different times of our lives. However, some treatments can be better suited to us a different points. Today, we are breaking down the filler treatments which can help you when you’re younger and […]

Wrinkles: when to expect them and what you can do?

Wrinkles and fine lines are something we are all aware of as we get older. Even though wrinkles are commonly associated with older people, but signs of ageing begin as young as our 20s, as a number of factors, such as genetics, smoking, sun damage and facial expressions begin to affect our skin. Today, we […]

What causes laughter lines and how to get rid of them

laughter lines

Laughter? Yes please! Laughter lines? No thank you! A beautiful smile says more than a thousand words. In fact, we perceive people who laugh a lot as extremely likeable and charming. However, as we age, even the most beautiful smile can quickly become upstaged by deep wrinkles that form around the eyes, nose and mouth. […]