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Dermal Filler 101: How much filler you need

How much filler you need

For many people, the idea of getting dermal fillers for the first time can be quite overwhelming. One of the most overwhelming things can be knowing how much filler you need to achieve the results you want. The honest answer is that this varies from patient to patient based on a wide variety of factors. […]

Dermal Fillers 101: what you need to know

Dermal Fillers 101

As beauty treatments and aesthetic medicine become more and more popular, more and more confusing terms are thrown at you. Many of the most popular cosmetic treatments include dermal filler injections. However, you may be wondering exactly what are dermal fillers? Today, we are taking you through exactly what fillers are and what they can […]

M1 Treatments for when you’re wearing a mask

As we all know, COVID-19 has changed our lives in a lot of ways. One of these is the daily wearing of face masks. In shops, work and on transport, facial masks are the newest accessory for every occasion. Unfortunately, this means that the bottom of our face is covered including our lips, nose and […]

Celebrities & cosmetic treatments

Who hasn’t found themselves envious of celebrities‘ natural beauty? However, many celebrities’ beauty is not as natural as it seems. So many of our favourite stars employ cosmetic treatments to achieve their picture perfect complexions and smooth skin. Today, we are breaking down some of the celebrities who have opened up about cosmetic enhancement. Kylie […]