4 Uses of Dermal Fillers You Might Not Know About

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When you think of cosmetic fillers, you’d probably be thinking of thick, gorgeous lips. After all, this is the most famous of procedures using hyaluronic acid thanks to the likes of Kylie Jenner, who’s plumped up pout has skyrocketed her fame and multi-million dollar cosmetics brand. But this multipurpose product – dermal fillers – can be used in the most surprising ways to help you achieve your beauty goals.


Did you know that your earlobe continues to grow throughout your life? It may seem like a strange place to make changes, but ears are a very prominent part of your face and noticeable creasing or size variation of the earlobe can cause self-esteem issues. The ears, particularly the earlobes, can also be susceptible to sun damage as we age, leading them to sag and crease. A small injection of dermal fillers can increase youthful volume in this area and remove unsightly creasing.


For those with large bumps on their nose or a width that they’re uncomfortable with, traditional surgical rhinoplasty can come with its fair share of concerns. After all, any medical procedure comes with risks, and surgery with general anaesthetic is no exception. Luckily with the introduction of dermal fillers people finally had a nonsurgical option for adjusting features of their nose. Whether it’s smoothing out smoothing out bumps, adjusting the bridge or building up the nasal tip, hyaluronic acid is a perfect alternative to invasive surgery.

Hand Enhancement with dermal fillers?

The visible signs of aging can often be attributed to loss of volume under the skin. The fat layer under our skin gets smaller, causing the skin to sag and crease. One area where this is very obvious is the hands: as there is a very small layer of fat on the hands any loss of volume is particularly noticeable. A small treatment of hyaluronic acid to the hands can replenish lost volume and return a youthful look to the skin.


Do you work in an area that has you standing up on your feet constantly? If so, you may experience significant pain your feet that makes it hard or impossible to wear certain kinds of shoes or stay standing for long periods of time. Luckily, there are some doctors that have started to use dermal fillers as a remedy for this pain by injecting a ‘cushion’ of product into problem areas to reduce pain and make it easier to wear your dream shoes.

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