About M1 Med Beauty UK

Experienced cosmetic doctors are now performing aesthetic treatments in the United Kingdom

M1 Med Beauty is a world-leader in Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. Founded in Germany on the principles of highly qualified Cosmetic Doctors and specialised Plastic Surgeons, high quality products and low prices, we are changing the way the world approaches medical aesthetic treatments. Over 120 doctors, located in 7 countries perform more than 250,000 treatments annually and are all trained within our 2017 established own training academy M1 Akademie

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Why choose M1?

Your reasons to choose M1 Med Beauty UK?

M1 offers high-quality at a fair prices

Highly specialised doctors with advanced training through our M1 Akademie

our clients trust us

High quality products used in all treatments from reliable manufacturers

our doctors are experienced and specialised

Over 240,000 treatments performed worldwide