About M1 Med Beauty UK

How M1 Med Beauty became your No.1 for Cosmetic Treatments

Established in 2012 in Germany, M1 Med Beauty has revolutionised the beauty industry. Starting with the core value of offering high quality beauty treatments at the best price, M1 Med Beauty quickly established itself as market leader, setting itself apart by offering treatments performed solely by highly-qualified cosmetic doctors and using the best products by the world’s most renowned manufacturers.

M1 Med Beauty is represented in more than 55 clinics across 10 countries including the UK, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia. More than 100 specialised doctors and plastic & aesthetic surgeons perform over 400,000 treatments every year. In addition to our state of the art specialist centres for minimally invasive cosmetic injections, M1 Med Beauty operates the M1 Schlossklinik in Berlin one of Europe’s largest and most modern plastic surgery clinics.

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Why choose M1?

Your reasons to choose M1 Med Beauty UK?

M1 offers high-quality at a fair prices

Highly specialised doctors with advanced training through our M1 Akademie

our clients trust us

High quality products used in all treatments from reliable manufacturers

our doctors are experienced and specialised

Over 240,000 treatments performed worldwide