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Lip Filler vs Lip Flip – which treatment is for you?

The lips are one of the most common areas to be enhanced with injectable cosmetic treatments. However, lip filler is not the only option for those looking to enhance their lips. Lip flip is another treatment which can help re-shape and improve volume in the lips. But what’s the difference? Lip filler Lip filler is […]

Filler Treatments for every age

Beauty treatments can be valuable to people of all different ages. While all filler treatments can be beneficial to us at all different times of our lives. However, some treatments can be better suited to us a different points. Today, we are breaking down the filler treatments which can help you when you’re younger and […]

Celebrities & Cosmetic Treatments

Who hasn’t found themselves envious of celebrities‘ natural beauty? However, many celebrities’ beauty is not as natural as it seems. So many of our favourite stars employ cosmetic treatments to achieve their picture perfect complexions and smooth skin. Today, we are breaking down some of the celebrities who have opened up about cosmetic enhancement. Kylie […]

Permanent Contour: Sculpt your face with dermal fillers

For many of us, contour is a major part of our daily make-up routine. We constantly want to define our face’s natural contours, adding definition to areas like our jawline and cheeks. But, make-up is not your only option to add definition to your face. Today, we are breaking down all the options you have […]

Needle vs Cannula: What’s the difference?

Cannula vs Needle

We often get asked by our patients: „Is it better to use cannulas or needles?“. The answer is that this largely depends on a number of factors. Our cosmetic doctors are trained to use both of techniques. However, every patient is better and one method might suit the area being treated better! Today, we are […]

Wrinkles: when to expect them and what you can do?

Wrinkles and fine lines are something we are all aware of as we get older. Even though wrinkles are commonly associated with older people, but signs of ageing begin as young as our 20s, as a number of factors, such as genetics, smoking, sun damage and facial expressions begin to affect our skin. Today, we […]

A slimmer face in just 3 steps

Slimming the face without losing weight? This may sound like wishful thinking, but with the help of aesthetic beauty treatments, this dream is within reach for almost everyone. Injections with dermal fillers can shape and define the face to make it appear visually narrower. Injections with muscle relaxants can help relax muscles and make them […]