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Wrinkles: when to expect them and what you can do?

Wrinkles and fine lines are something we are all aware of as we get older. Even though wrinkles are commonly associated with older people, but signs of ageing begin as young as our 20s, as a number of factors, such as genetics, smoking, sun damage and facial expressions begin to affect our skin. Today, we […]

A slimmer face in just 3 steps

Slimming the face without losing weight? This may sound like wishful thinking, but with the help of aesthetic beauty treatments, this dream is within reach for almost everyone. Injections with dermal fillers can shape and define the face to make it appear visually narrower. Injections with muscle relaxants can help relax muscles and make them […]

Is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty for you?

non-surgical rhinoplasty

How can we correct your nose without surgery? One of the most common insecurities in the world is the nose. Whether it is uneven or too small; those who have felt insecure about their nose can now tackle their problems with dermal fillers. In contrast to its surgical counterpart, a non-surgical nose job is minimally […]

What causes laughter lines and how to get rid of them

laughter lines

Laughter? Yes please! Laughter lines? No thank you! A beautiful smile says more than a thousand words. In fact, we perceive people who laugh a lot as extremely likeable and charming. However, as we age, even the most beautiful smile can quickly become upstaged by deep wrinkles that form around the eyes, nose and mouth. […]

Insta-beauty: Every Influencer’s four favourite treatments!

Instagram beauty

Every day, we log on to Instagram and see flawless beauty after flawless beauty. From perfect skin to luscious lips to runway-ready cheekbones – Insta-beauties seemingly have it all. But beware: not all that glitters is gold (or natural for that matter). Many of Instagram’s most beautiful stars are admitting to beauty treatments, proving that […]

New day, New Wrinkle: Everyday activities that cause wrinkles

We all have our fears: spiders, snakes, heights, But, something we all fear is the day our first wrinkles begin to appear. Even though it feels like they may, wrinkles do not appear overnight. The truth is that wrinkles form over our entire life. But, what causes these horrors? Factors like genes, living conditions and […]

How to get Runway Ready Cheeks

Cheek fillers

Whether it’s Naomi Campbell, Bella Hadid or Kendall Jenner, supermodels have long been the standard of beauty, captivating the world with their seemingly flawless facial structure, and encapsulating every woman’s beauty goals. Models have many defining features: Cindy Crawford’s iconic beauty spot or Cara Delevingne’s strong eyebrows. However, something many of the world’s greatest beauties […]

First Time Lip Filler – What you need to know

First time lip filler

These days, more and more women and men are having their lips injected with dermal fillers to achieve fuller, more-even lips. But even though lip enhancement with dermal fillers is a standardized treatment with relatively few side effects, lip filler newbies in particular keep these four things in mind before their lip injections so that […]