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Anti-wrinkle injections myths

anti-wrinkle injection myths

When it comes to treatments with anti-wrinkle injections, there are a lot of myths and misinformation out there, regarding what they can be used for and how safe they are. Today, we are helping you bust some of the anti-wrinkle injection myths you may have heard so you can have the most truthful information about […]

2022’s top trending cosmetic injection combinations

cosmetic injection combinations

With a new year, comes new trends and that means new treatment combinations! Many of our patients come to us with more than one area they want to enhance or improve and combining cosmetic injections for an overall glow up is the perfect solution! Combining treatments can actually help the result of individual treatments appear […]

Get ready for Valentine’s Day with beauty treatments

Valentine's day

It’s officially February which means it time to start preparing for the day of love, Valentine’s Day. If beauty injections are a part of your preparation, it’s important to get your appointments booked in advance to allow time for your results to settle. Today, we are taking you through the essential treatments you need for […]

Hyaluronic Acid myths: what you need to know

Hyaluronic acid myths

In the past few years, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers have become more and more popular. This is largely a positive thing, as more and more information is now easily available about Hyaluronic Acid treatments. However, this has also lead to a number of myths about Hyaluronic Acid. Today, we will be busting some of these […]

Celebrities who have spoken about dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments

We have all been influenced by celebrities at one point or another – whether it is about clothes, music or even beauty treatments. Today, we are taking you through some celebrities who have spoken about beauty injections including anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers. The Kardashian-Jenners Possibly the most famous family in the world (especially when […]

Get Christmas Party ready with beauty injections

Christmas Party-ready

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and it’s time to make sure that you look your best for all of your upcoming events and parties. Beauty injections such as dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments can subtly improve and refresh the overall face. Today, we are taking you through the most popular treatments to […]

The Ultimate M1 Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

It’s officially almost Christmas time again, which means it is time to start shopping for those all-important Christmas gifts. It can be difficult to decide exactly what to get someone. However, that’s why we have the ultimate guide on what to buy your beauty-obsessed loved ones this year. Here is the ultimate M1 Christmas Gift […]

Keep your skin fresh all winter long

Keep your skin fresh all winter long

As the days gets shorter and colder, it is officially time to start preparing your skin for the winter months. The darker days and harsh temperatures can have a massive impact on our skin, causing our skin to become aged and dehydrated. Today we will be taking you through some of our top tips for […]