eyebrows lifted without surgery at M1 Med Beauty
eyebrows lifted without surgery at M1 Med Beauty

brow lift
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Our fully qualified and experienced GMC registered doctors only use high quality products from renowned manufacturers. Brow lift injection from £ 99.

Anti wrinkle treatments with muscle relaxants

Brow lift | M1 Med Beauty

If you want your eyes to appear larger and more attentive, you can have your eyebrows lifted without surgery. With a minimally invasive brow lift injection, you can look younger and achieve a friendlier appearance.

Benefits of a brow lift injection

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How does an eyebrow lift with muscle relaxant work?

There are two types of brow lifting. The eyebrows can be lifted either by surgery or by injection of muscle relaxant. An eyebrow lift is particularly suitable for clients who discreetly want to raise their eyebrows without the risks and side effects of surgery.

The ring muscle, which is located above the eye socket, leads to a steady lowering of the eyebrows over the years. With an eyebrow lift, the injection of muscle relaxant “weakens” the ring muscle so that it can contract less causing relaxation of the eye and brow area – the eyebrow lift occurs. The effect of the muscle relaxant treatment allows the eyebrows to be raised by one to three millimetres achieving a larger appearing and more attentive look of the eyes. Also, the appearance of light drooping eyelids can be improved by a brow lift injection.

When can I expect results of a brow lift injection?

The treatment will begin to take effect 2-3 days after your procedure. Within 1-2 weeks, the completed results will be visible. It is recommended to avoid excess sun exposure, solariums, saunas and exercise for a few days after your treatment to not affect your results. The result of a brow lift injection usually lasts between four to six months.

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M1 prices for a brow lift injection

We have specialised in cosmetic injectables and perform treatments with muscle relaxants several times a day. As the largest provider of beauty treatments in Germany, we can purchase all applied quality products from renowned manufacturers to a wholesale price. The price advantage that M1 profits from, is directly passed on to our clients.

Brow lift injection from £ 99

Brow lift - FAQ & prices

If you are considering a eyebrow lift treatment, please read our guidelines for aesthetic treatments.

Brow lift:from £ 99

Discussion of various treatment options will take place and a product won’t be administered if a customer isn’t deemed suitable.

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Brow lift injection- Quick info
Duration15-30 minutes
AnesthesiaIncluded in product
Art der BehandlungOutpatient
Results4-6 months
Costsfrom £ 99

Brow lift injection - Quick info

icon treatment anesthesia


Included in product

icon treatment duration


15-30 minutes

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icon treatment results


4-6 months
(may vary)

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