non-surgical brow lift
non-surgical brow lift

Anti-wrinkle injections

Non-surgical brow lift

from £ 89

Benefits of the eyebrow lifting

  • Youthful appearance
  • No downtime
  • More open eyes

A lifted brow is integral to an open, engaging face. However as the skin ages it can sag, leading to drooping eyelids. Although a brow lift can be achieved surgically, a lift using muscle relaxants such as Botulinum toxin is more suitable for those who want to try a different brow shape without the risks and side effects of an invasive operation.

At a glance: Eyebrow lifting
Duration15-30 minutes
AnesthesiaIncluded in product
Art der BehandlungOutpatient
Recoveryup to a week
Results3-4 months
Costsfrom £ 89

Eyebrow lifting - FAQ

A small amount of muscle relaxant is injected into the muscle ring above the brow that controls the tension above the eye.  As this ring ages, it leads to a slow lowering of the eyebrow; the injection relaxes the ring and lets the eyebrow lift. Patients will typically see a 1-3 millimetre lift in their brow line. A local anaesthetic may be requested.

The treatment will begin to take effect 2-3 days after your procedure. Within 1-2 weeks, you should see the completed results.

It is recommended to avoid excess sun exposure, solariums, saunas and exercise for a few days after your treatment to not affect your results.

Your muscle relaxant treatment will last from 4-6 months. At this point the product will harmlessly dissolve into the body.

Brow lift:from £ 89

Discussion of various treatment options will take place and a product won’t be administered if a customer isn’t deemed suitable.

Eyebrow lifting - At a glance

icon treatment anesthesia


Included in product

icon treatment duration


15-30 minutes

icon treatment pain



icon treatment rest time



icon treatment results


3-4 months
(may vary)

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