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Marionette lines are wrinkles that can develop between the corner of the mouth and the chin when production of collagen reduces as part of the natural aging process. If these wrinkles are particularly defined, this can lead to an “unfriendly” facial expression. These lines can easily be reduced with dermal fillers, which re-introduce lost volume into the areas. M1 Med Beauty ensures the best results by only using the finest products from renowned manufacturers. Marionette wrinkle fillers start at £149 for 1ml depending on the product used.

Benefits of marionette lines filler

Find out more about treating marionette lines with dermal fillers today at a consultation with one of our M1 Doctors. Reduce fine lines today in  London City, London-Westfield, Glasgow and Liverpool.

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About marionette line treatment

As we age, the production of collagen in our skin begins to slow down and skin elasticity reduces. This causes our skin to lose volume and sag, particularly in the lower third of the face and around the mouth. This causes the development of creases such as marionette lines or lip lines, which are lines that form between the outer corners of our mouth and along our chin.

Dermal filler injections are a particularly low-risk and non-surgical option to tackle the signs of ageing and get rid of deep wrinkles around the mouth. Following your consultation, our M1 doctors will inject the mouth area with hyaluronic acid fillers from manufacturers like Juvederm® around the mouth and chin, introducing volume into the sagging skin. Procedures with fillers generally take between 15 and 30 minutes and results can be seen for up to 6 months.

Marionette lines are often treated with other wrinkles including nasolabial folds (also known as smile lines and which form from the nose to the mouth), frown lines, and forehead lines.

It is highly-important that cosmetic procedures with hyaluronic acid are administered by qualified doctors to ensure the best results with minimal side effects.

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Reasons for M1 Med Beauty

Highest Quality…

There are a lot of different filler products available, but not all of them are the same quality. M1 Med Beauty only uses the highest-quality from renowned manufacturers including Juvederm® and Yvoire.

All M1 doctors are GMC registered…

At M1 Med Beauty, we ensure you are in the best hands. All of our cosmetic procedures are performed by our qualified M1 doctors, who are GMC-registered specialists in their field, which helps guarantee the best, natural-looking results. Our doctors stay up to date with the latest techniques with regular training at our M1 Akademie.

Although treatments with fillers are safe and non-permanent, they can still have a number of risks when administered by an untrained practitioner. We highly recommend that all injectables are carried out by specialised and trained medical professionals.

Fillers are generally safe and non-permanent. However, they can still carry a number of risks, especially when administered by an unqualified practitioner. We highly recommend that all cosmetic injectables are carried out by trained medical professionals.

Our Promise

M1 Med Beauty wants to make sure that you know all of your treatment options before making a decision regarding your treatment plan. We offer every patient a consultation free of charge in  London City, London-Shepherd’s Bush, Glasgow and Liverpool to discuss your beauty goals.

How much does Marionette Line Augmentation Cost?

M1 Med Beauty aims to deliver the best quality at the most affordable prices.

Marionette Lines:from £149

Discussion of various options will take place and a product won’t be administered if a customer isn’t deemed suitable.

If you are considering filler treatments, make sure to read our treatment guidelines.

If you are interested in an anti-aging treatment you can check our treatment overview for all cosmetic injections and prices here.

What to expect post-treatment?

Injections with dermal fillers lead to a wrinkle-free, youthful appearance. There may be some facial swelling, redness or bruising around the treatment site. These minor effects will fade after a 2-3 days. Facial swelling can be helped with initial cooling.

To guarantee the finest results, we recommend that you follow our post-procedure guidelines.

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Marionette lines filler - FAQ & prices

If you are considering this treatment, please read our guidelines for aesthetic treatments.

Marionette wrinkles, also known as lip lines, are wrinkles that form from the corners of the mouths to our chin, giving our face an unfriendly or downturned appearance. The formation of these wrinkles are generally age-related, forming due to volume loss as collagen production reduces and our skin sags.
Different types of wrinkles and fine lines require different treatments. Marionette Lines form due to lost volume and collagen. To counteract this, injectable fillers can be injected into chin lines for an anti-ageing effect.
Your appointment will begin with a quick consultation with your M1 Doctor to discuss your options. After this, a specific amount of filler will be injected into the wrinkles to add volume and tighten the skin. Book a consultation in London or Liverpool today.

M1 Med Beauty uses only the finest-quality products from the very best manufacturers including Juvéderm®, Restylane®, Belotero® and Yvoire®.

Cosmetic procedures are generally minimally painful. Our products contain a local anaesthetic which help reduce any discomfort. Additionally, if you are worried about the minor pain, a numbing cream can be applied.

Deep-set wrinkles in the skin that form due to sagging in the skin are treated in all of our UK clinics, including  London City, London-Shepherd's Bush, Glasgow and Liverpool.

Often times, marionette lines (will be treated alongside other creases and wrinkles such as frown lines (lines between the eyebrows) and nasolabial folds (also known as laugh lines that form from the mouth to the nose).
There can be some redness or bruising around the injection site following the procedure. These minor effects can fade after a few days. The treatment does not require any significant downtime.

Marionette Lines: from £149

Discussion of various treatment options will take place and a product won’t be administered if a customer isn’t deemed suitable.

Interested in another aesthetic treatment? See our overview of all cosmetic injections and prices.

Marionette lines filler – Quick info
Duration15-30 Min
AnesthesiaNone required/Local Anaesthetic
Kind of treatmentOutpatient
Results3-6 months
Costsfrom £149

Marionette lines filler - Quick info

icon treatment anesthesia


None required/Local Anaesthetic

icon treatment duration


15-30 minutes

icon treatment pain



icon treatment rest time



icon treatment results


up to 6 months
(may vary)

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