Our Real Faces candidate Gina
Our Real Faces candidate Rosa

We are Gina and Rosa

We have been very good friends for years and have always shared our love for beauty and lifestyle topics. When we saw that there will be a “Best Friends” campaign at M1 Med Beauty, it was clear to us: “We have to be a part of this!”. No sooner said than done! We applied straight away and couldn’t believe it when we got the confirmation from M1.

„We both felt very well taken care of and professionally looked after at M1“

Both of us had hardly any experience with injections and we also knew that we do not “need” them. However, we were always curious about how we would look and feel after small interventions. We are both very open and honest when it comes to beauty secrets and treatments, so we felt no shame in trying things out.

Gina’s treatment plan

Injection of the jawline
– for improved definition and strength

Chin augmentation
– for more harmonious facial proportions

Lip augmentation
– to emphasize the lip’s natural contour

Injection of forehead wrinkles / frown lines
– to smoothen wrinkles

Before my M1 Real Faces Experience, I had already treated my lips with dermal fillers a couple of times. However, since it had been 9 months since my last treatment, I was eager to have it done again because I love my lips with a bit more volume. However, my overall goal was to add more definition to my face. To do so, my jawline and chin were treated with dermal filler, adding definition and strength. I also have quite pronounced facial expressions which means the first signs of ageing have started to show on my forehead. To tackle this, my forehead and frown lines were treated with muscle relaxants.

I am obsessed with this treatment because I can still move my face but no wrinkles form!

„I am super happy with the result and would do it again and again“

Rosa’s treatment plan

Chin augmentation
– to visually elongate the face

Injection of the jawline
– to compensate for slight indentations

Lip augmentation
– to add volume and compensate for unevenness

Frown line
– for a more relaxed facial expression

Rosa’s treatment

I was so excited, but slightly nervous for my appointment because it was my first injection ever. However, from the moment I met my amazing doctor, the nervousness disappeared. My goal for my treatment plan was to make my face look narrower. I have always felt my face is rather angular and I wanted to achieve a softer, heart shape. To do so, my doctor recommended treating the chin with dermal fillers, to visually elongate the face. She also used filler to improve two small dents along the line between the chin and jawline. I am in love with the effect! Additionally, I have always wanted to have my lips treated, particularly my upper lip.

What can I say? The result is just WOW; my lips have more volume, but have kept their natural shape, just as I wanted. In addition to filler injections, I was also interested in anti-wrinkle treatment. I’ve found I am always pulling my eyebrows together and frowning at the computer while I’m working. My colleagues think I’m in a bad mood and I even give myself headaches. To get a more relaxed expression, my frown lines were treated with muscle relaxants. When the effect became visible after two weeks, I was thrilled. For me, it made a huge difference.


„Even the people who know me really well say that it looks really natural!“

Our experience

We both felt very well taken care of and professionally looked after at M1. The clinics and offices looked cool and modern. The staff were extremely sweet and helpful. The doctors who treated us gave us detailed information and explained every step they took, which made us feel comfortable. The result for both of us turned out exactly as we imagined, if not better! We want to say thank you again to the entire team for their help!

For more on Gina and Rosa’s M1 experience, check out the video!

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