„Beauty treatments are not a taboo subject for us.“

Ronja & Beate

We are Beate and Ronja

Our names are Beate and Ronja. We are a mother and daughter, who own a beauty institute together. We love getting to work together every day. We are like best friends and are always the first to know what’s going on in each other’s lives. That’s why when we heard about M1’s Real Faces campaign, we knew immediately we wanted to experience this together. Beauty treatments are not a taboo subject for us.

„It's great that M1 gives you the opportunity to feel more comfortable in your body!“

We think it’s amazing that people being able to feel better in themselves with the help of something as simple as an injection! What’s not to love?

Ronja’s treatment plan

Chin augmentation »
to even out a slight indentation

Jawline filler »
to strengthen the face’s natural contour

Cheek augmentation »
to restore lost volume and definition

Ronja’s treatment

I am very happy with my appearance. Nevertheless, I was super excited to see what can be optimised and how small changes can help me look even better. My ultimate goal was to add more definition to the natural contours of my face.

Despite the fact that I am quite slim, my jawline has always been a bit weak. I have also been bothered by a slight indentation in my chin that has been there for as long as I can remember. To give my face more definition, I opted to have my jawline and my cheeks treated with dermal filler. Dermal filler was also used to help even out the indentation in my chin. Even though I consider myself to be quite sensitive to pain, The entire process was surprisingly painless!

Over the next 2 weeks, the results all finally settled. My results were subtle, just as I had hoped they would be. I didn’t want the changes to be obvious. Instead, I wanted to feel good, which I’m happy to say I do. My face is now more defined and my jawline more prominent. I am so impressed what small amounts of dermal filler were able to do to enhance my natural beauty!


„Finally, I don't need an Instagram filter anymore!“

Beate’s treatment plan

Nose correction »
– to improve some uneveness

Lip augmentation »
to define the lip’s natural shape

Chin correction »
Marionette wrinkles »

to tighten sagging skin

Frown lines »
Crow’s feet »

to tackle the signs of ageing

Beate’s treatment

Like Ronja, I also am very happy with how I look. However, as with many women, I wanted to look and feel a bit fresher. The skin around my chin had been bothering me, as it had begun to sag over the last few years. My main goal was to tighten and define this area. I completely relied on the opinion of the M1 doctor, whose professional opinion and advice was so helpful in deciding which treatments would work best for me!

Firstly, the doctor recommended injecting my nose to correct any unevenness. I was delighted with this suggestion, as I had previously had this treatment and was very happy with the results. She also suggested a slight lip enhancement to define my lip’s natural shape. I had never really considered this, but was very curious to see how it would look. She saw the signs of ageing on my chin and decided to treat my chin and marionette lines with dermal fillers. Finally, my frown line and crow’s feet were also treated with muscle relaxants.

My results were amazing, and the changes were really great. I love my side profile now thanks to the non-surgical rhinoplasty evening out some of the bumps and unevenness. I also really like my lip enhancement, despite worrying that they may look unnatural. My chin looks more defined and tighter thanks to the dermal fillers, and my face looks rejuvenated thanks to the frown lines and crow’s feet treatments. I feel younger and fresher, just as I wanted.


„Beauty treatments are not taboo for us!“

Our experience

We are both very happy with our results. The doctors treating us at M1 were extremely professional, and the entire team was super friendly. We felt right at home in the practice. Our family and friends reacted so positively when we told them about our treatment at M1. We would recommend M1 to anyone who wants a change and would come back again and again ourselves. Thank you M1!

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