With fillers, sometimes less is more

less is more

When many people think of dermal filler injections, they think of plastic, unnatural results. However, natural subtle results are far more common especially when you go to a practitioner who understands the importance of maintaining harmony between all the facial features. The secret to that harmony is often times a less is more approach. Today, we are breaking down some treatments where sometimes it is best to opt for less filler.

Lip Filler

While not the case for every patient’s goals, often it is best to take a less is more approach to lip fillers. While 1ml is the best option for those looking for a large boost in volume, for those searching for a subtle, natural final look, our doctors will likely recommend 0.5ml. This is often enough to tackle goals like enhancing lip shape, balancing symmetry and introducing small amounts of volume. This can also be a perfect option for those looking to maintain their filler from their initial appointment but do not want to inject 1ml every time.

Tear Troughs

The undereye area is extremely sensitive area of the face, becoming one of the first to display the effects of facial volume loss. This lost volume causes deep hollows to form under the eyes, making us look tired. While these hollows can seem large, a small amount of filler can help fill out this area, with 1ml often being enough between both sides of the face. If your hollows are very bad, our doctors may also suggest some mid-face filler to help support the entire mid-face.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

A traditional rhinoplasty surgery can be quite an extreme procedure requiring a long healing process to improve nasal humps and to straighten the nasal profile. A non-surgical rhinoplasty is a non-permanent equivalent that allows us to correct these issues without undergoing surgery. Another benefit is that we do not require much filler to do so. A non-surgical rhinoplasty typically requires up to 1ml of filler.

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